Attention Businesses, Kevin W. McClain Investigations now offers the only LiveScan Digital Fingerprint service located in Southern Illinois! Get fingerprint and background check faster than ever before. Perform faster background checks with this exciting new fingerprint technology! Conforming your hiring practices to new State and Federal law is now easier and local!
We are the Private Investigators to call in Illinois! Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. a Professional Investigative Corporation! When you need a professional investigator in Illinois call Kevin W. McClain!

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Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. is a fully licensed and insured Illinois Professional Investigative Corporation. We are dedicated to helping solve your problems in a professional, discreet fashion.


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Asset Searches
Corporate Security
Background Checks
Computer Security
Computer Crime
Paralegal Services
Trial Services
Litigation Support
Personal Injury
Accident Reconstruction
Wrongful Death

Fraud Detection
Process Service
Domestic Surveillance
Video Documentation
Document Research
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DUI Defense

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These are just some of the services that Kevin W. McClain
Investigations, Ltd has available to individual, business, or attorneys. To protect yourself, your business, your family, hire a professional investigator. We are located in Southern Illinois, but provide professional services nationwide and can provide worldwide solutions to your problems in many cases.

Professional Affiliations
National Association of Legal Investigators
National Association of Investigative Specialists
National Associations of Process Servers
World Investigative Network
National Defense Investigator Association
Criminal Defense Investigators Training Council
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Businesses Beware!

Now in this new, highly competitive and uncertain economic times, business are facing new challenges. Every day in the news you read about how white collar crime is spreading like a plague. If it isn't accounting fraud, it is an employee embezzler or some other type of crime that victimizes a business.
Did you know:
Most businesses are victimized from within?
Employee Fraud and abuse amounts to over $400 Billion annually?*
Most shrinkage can be related to employee theft!
The FBI reports employee theft as one of fastest growing crimes!

Not having an active strategy on security can cost you clients and business. Part of that strategy should include thorough background checks on any potential employees and an up to date computer/data security strategy.
Protecting your company doesn't just happen, it is a process and we can help you create one.

* Source: Regina Raiford, "An Ounce of Prevention", Buildings, Vol. 93, Issue 3, March 1999, 64-70.

New Services Available Immediately!

Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd.
is now trained as a qualified DUI/DWI investigator!

Are your driving privileges at risk due to an arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI/ DWI)? Before you proceed into a courtroom or make any decision that might adversely affect your future for 7 or more years, contact us! We are trained in the investigation of DUI incidents. We can review the facts of the case, be sure that proper procedures were followed and if necessary, testify in court on your behalf. A DUI/DWI conviction can financially impact you and your family for least 7 years after the conviction! Mistakes are often made during a DUI/DWI arrest. Let Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. investigate the arrest before committing to any actions that could irreversibly affect you or your families future!

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Divorce Litigation
Employee Background Research
Employee Fraud
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Personal Security
Insurance Fraud
Missing Persons
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